Thursday, July 10, 2008

From one pedestrian to another.

It began as a matter of happenstance:
You walked in my direction
And I saw you glance at my frame
as you passed my way,
to cross the at the intersection of Chemistry and Missed Chance.
But the Don't Walk (away from her) sign flashed
and you dashed back
to find me on the corner of Love and Circumstance.
I saw you approach as the intersection's light flashed white
The streets were clear for us to cross the corner
And I'm glad for the turn we took thereafter.

© 2008 Patricia B.


Things for me to do when on a study break from the bar exam:
1. Have a really good meal with a good friend and his friend
2. Watch my favorite movie
3. Write a poem inspired by a line that pops into my head while studying the answers to Contracts MBE questions

(But I probably shouldn't do them all in the same day...)

Whatever. I'm going to bed.

I'm so over the bar exam!