Monday, October 13, 2008

My Originality:

We were each uniquely made, fearfully and wonderfully by the Creator.
We each have a unique set of talents and gifts provided by God,
With our own unique physical structure
Which include a pair of unique feet
With which we walk on our own unique paths.
In our uniqueness we are the same:
We all have something that makes us distinct somehow
But what makes me an original are not my distinguishable features
But my ability to recognize just what makes me distinct,
My love for my individual character and
My respect and admiration for the diversity of others.


So I was reading the great Afrobella's blog just now and saw she and a company called Ododo Originals are doing a giveaway for this fabulous hair clip. Isn't it pretty? I love the color and (what appears to be) beading. It's lovely - and of the wide variety of colors available in this hair clip, this "Morning, Sunshine" and "Imperial" are my favorites!

So for the giveaway, they asked Afrobella readers to submit an answer in some form to the question "What makes you an original?" The above was my response. I don't know if it'll be a winner but I like it.

It's an interesting question. What makes someone an original? In thinking about my response and looking at all the other answers - most of which included something about responder's lovely natural hair, interestingly enough - I was reminded of a pretty obvious yet I think largely overlooked truth: everyone's an individual. We all have a number of things about ourselves that make us stand out - whether readily perceptible or not. So in the most basic sense of originality, we're all originals - and thus the question of what exactly makes one an original isn't an easy one to answer genuinely - at least for me. I could have talked about my lovely natural hair or my beautiful brown skin, big eyes, full lips, large love to learn mind, my writing ability, and a host of other things - but when I consider the things that may make some think of me as "different" (depending on the context and the circumstances I'm in) I realize that there are SO MANY OTHERS that have pretty much the same things going on. They might not have as much - or they may have more - or they have it all but they use it differently - but they have it. What I have is special not simply because it was specially given to me - but because I recognize it, I love it, and it's not threatened and undermined by whatever else other people have going on.

Here's another post of mine on individuality - as related to weight loss. Enjoy!


True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.
Edith Wharton

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sweet murder (stream of consciousness)

They call her black like the night although her eyes shine bright like sun-rays she scorches whatever gets caught in her gaze and how she blazes her victims is amazing and with her power and skill she kills this murderess fetid with sin with a stench like cinnamon sweet spicy and strong and you'd want to hold on she tends to drag them along with honey coated words sticky sweet and spicy she'll melt your frost if you're icy and if you're lucky you might just end up stuck in her darkness though she's a source of sweet light if your vision is right all she will do is simmer and glow and if you see it you'll know that by her sweet murder she's brought you new life.

© 2008 Patricia B.

I don't know if that even makes any actual sense. So it goes when I'm free-writing. I like it.