Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dear Employer

I'm talented.
And I'm fabulous,
And I'm looking -
And that's all I should have to say.
But since it's not -
And since there's this cover letter protocol
To which I must adhere
I'm gonna explain to you why
What you need is right here.

I'm talented. And by that I mean
I was endowed with the power
To create and to make things happen
With my knowledge and my skill
with my prowess with words
with my ability to listen
With my capacity to learn.
And with my abilities and capacities
I don't simply exist
But I excel.
I also speak well -
And I learn quickly.
There aren't too many who are as talent-equipped
As me.

I'm fabulous. And by that I mean
I'm a pleasure to be around -
And though my personality may not astound you
(Depends on your preference)
You might find yourself amazed
by my grace and my glide
And how I take things in stride
And my ability to open my mind wide
to other's ideas and suggestions -
And I can work independently
Without the need for much direction.
There aren't too many who be as great to work with
As me.

I'm also looking. And by that I mean
That yes, I'm looking for a job and
Yes, I'm looking to work for you and
Yes, I think working for you would be a great contribution
to my experience
to my skills
to my bills
(to my financial situation in general).
And I'm looking for something I can contribute to,
Looking for something that will help me grow
And I'm looking for a reason to not look anymore.

So dear employer,
I've read your job description
And you want someone who sounds like me.
I'm right here -
And I've submitted this application
So let's make things simple:
Bring me in for an interview,
Learn about my greatness,
And then hire me.


© 2008 Patricia B.


Everything I wish I could really write in a cover letter. Sigh. Job hunting is rough.

I can't believe it's been over two months since I've written anything creatively. I came up with this as I helped my friend with a cover letter for a position. I was telling her earlier tonight how I haven't written anything creative in so long - and then I started to help her with her letter - and then POOF - inspiration came. I don't even know if this is good, but it is good to get the creative juices going.