Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the late bird

the late bird arises,
striving to be timely -
she sees success fly by
on the wings of the early -
and chases after their tails,
fleeing from failure
and feeling mediocre,
though she knows better.
for the late bird flies freely
no different from the early -
but for her to be more
she knows she must soar.

(and she will.)

© 2008 Patricia B.

Please believe, she will.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I know that if it is meant to be
He will come to me.
And it's not a matter meant for worry.
And it's not a process to rush or hurry.

Just as the sun is naturally bound to shine
If he is meant for me, then he will be mine.

© 2008 Patricia B.

True story. Maybe one day, I'll tell you all about it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I write luminescence;
Writing in the language of sunshine.
My words are the morning light.
If only your eyes could hear
It would listen to the new day written.

© 2008 Patricia B.

First piece of 2008!

I'm working on some short stories. Lots of ideas swirling about in the brain since the inception of 08 but nothing has materialized to completion until this - which came together sort of by playing with the "Magnetic Words" application on Facebook. I love these sorts of exercises... you're given a bunch of words, sometimes random (like the Magnetic Words application) and you have to come up with something (a poem, a story, a description, a sentence) using only the words you're given. It's the sort of exercise I've always done in creative writing classes. Challenging but fun.

This is actually what I came up with using the words they give in the facebook application:

I write magnetic;
writing in lines of sunshine
my words are the morning light
listen to a new day written
if only your mind can hear

I think I did pretty well with it!

I also like the first line.

I write magnetic.

What do you think?