Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Conversation.

So she came to me saying that she didn't know what to do about it.
From that, we had this conversation. I wasn't sure
if she was looking for me to tell her what to do about it.
After awhile though, I found that she lied
(though maybe, not intentionally).
She knew exactly what to do,
she just didn't want to do it.
I guess she thought talking to me would help her find an alternative -
or maybe she just needed someone to listen to her problem
(actually that's pretty likely).
And I don't mind that - but as of late, I find
that I actually do mind when others
seek a solution when they are a step away from solving -
have the answer in the grasp, recognize it as such
but put it to the side, and look for something else
and only because the answer may provide some discomfort.
Behaving in that way is a slice of nonsense to me
because the problem, if it persists, will likely feel worse.
So after awhile I didn't comment - I asked a few questions
not really for my insight but to help her find her own.
Maybe she didn't need that
(I can't always know what others need)
but I know that she needed
to step boldly - actually not even so boldly -
but just step towards what she knew was the solution
which I am almost certain she just won't do
(at least not as a result of our conversation).

© 2008 Patricia B.

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