Monday, August 20, 2007


I ask you to accept me as I am.
It may be hard to do this, for I’m not perfect,
And I’m nothing like what you conceived I’d be,
But I am here the way I was meant to be -
Molded in the form God made for me -
And I don’t see how I could be in your life
if you don’t accept the person I am.
I fully admit that I’m flawed:
My voice is loud -
My opinions are strong -
My resolve is stubborn and that just grates on your nerves.
My body isn’t perfect and I know you wish I was just a bit smaller.
My hair is kinky and curly and I know you wish I would just straighten it.
I tend to shop too much and
I tend to leave my bags all over the place -
And when I take off my jeans, I tend to leave them
Right I where I took them off until I’m ready to put them away.
I tend ignore other people’s opinions of me - including yours -
Especially when given unasked.
I’m ambitious and hardworking and busy
So I don't always have time for what you want from me.
I fully admit that these things, and more, make me difficult.
I know that when you first looked at me you couldn’t
have imagined that any of these things could be -
Some romanticized notion of the woman I would be
Held fast in your mind and I just haven’t lived up to your expectations.
I couldn’t, I wouldn’t and as far as I’m concerned, I shouldn’t
Have to match up to your ideal for me.
And now I ask you to accept me as I am
Because I’m through accepting your judgment and moments of rejection.
If you don’t accept me as I am
Losing me is your other option.
© 2007 Patricia B.

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