Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In appreciation.

Since refocusing on my writing these past few months, I've learned just how necessary support from others is and will continue to be as I develop as a writer.

It took a bit of support and encouragement from others to even get back into the game. Back in February, after realizing that I actually went for years without penning a single verse, jumping back into writing that had nothing to do with the law was merely a thought. The more I thought about it, the more I kept finding inspiration and support - quite a few people nudged me here and there and by March I was focused. Months later I feel like I've actually grown a bit as a writer - and I see how crucial support has been to that growth. Before my writing hiatus it just never dawned on me that feedback on my work would ever be that important to me, I suppose because my writing comes mostly from my personal experience and observations. But then before my writing hiatus I wasn't ever focused on writing as a career. Having other perspectives helps because my work now has an audience of more than one - at the very least, it helps me keep that in mind.... The votes of confidence also have helped me at the times when I didn't feel so confident!

So yes, to those who support what I do, this is just to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the carpel tunnel that has developed in my hands and arms from all the writing I've been doing!

And speaking of support, I just want to show some support to some of the most talented of those who support me: Mr. Vilson (a man of many talents - an educator and a poet - and also the RainTiger Poetry Cafe's Spotlight Poet for the month for August! Yaaaaaaay!!!) and Mr. Baptiste (also a man of many talents, and aside from his own music he's one third of the trio Brooknology - a mix of fresh beats, intelligent rhymes, soulful spoken word AND Brooklyn! Incidentally, he was one of the first to nudge me towards my writing earlier this year.) Both are doing big things and are definitely destined for greatness.... and it means a lot to me that people of their talent respect what I do. Check them out!

That reminds me - a long time ago Jose shouted me out on his blog and tagged me to do The Fours... and since he asked so nicely, here I go:

Four jobs I’ve had

Preceptor (Rutgers College's word for a Resident Assistant)
Cashier at Burger King

Four movies I can watch over and over
Coming to America
Hairspray (the 2007 version)

Four places I’ve lived
Brooklyn, NY
Jersey City, NJ
Piscataway, NJ
In my mind (I'm a big time day dreamer)

Four TV shows I love
The Simpsons
South Park
The Cosby Show
Sex and The City

Four places I’ve vacationed
Jamaica, WI
London, UK
Miami, FL
Cozumel, Mexico

Four of my favorite dishes
Jerk chicken w/mac and cheese (from my jerk chicken spot only though!)
Oxtail w/rice and peas
Ackee and Saltfish (it's the Jamaican national dish for a reason)
Carrot cake and Cinnamon ice cream (does this count as a meal?)

Four sites I visit daily
Yahoo News

Four places I would rather be right now
(frankly, nowhere but BROOKLYN, but …)
London, UK (my best friend is there and I haven't seen her in so long...)
Kingston, JA (only because of my family, otherwise I wouldn't - JA is a hot damn mess right now in the aftermath of Hurricane Dean.)
Silver Spring, MD (once again, b/c of family. Otherwise I don't know what the hell is out there!)
Asleep (where I will be in a few...)


Jose said...

Dude, thanks again for the shoutout. I appreciate it. It's important for people of like minds to stay in the same network. Helps with the growth. Anyways, this is a good list. You are soooo Jamaican (re: four of my favorite dishes)

Peace ...

Jean said...

Showing my presence..
I see you have been writing plenty.
Nice !!