Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In gratitude.

I'm thankful for:
my family
my friends
my general health
my access to health services
my mother
my mother's house
my room
my clothes, which are now all over my room
my shoes, which are now all over the floor in my room
my sense of style
my good sense
my intelligence
my creative ability
my developing legal mind
my developing writing talent
my success
my potential
my brown skin
my curly hair
my astigmatic and myopic pair of eyes
my bouncy and perky pair of D's
my love for my body
my love for myself
my countries (US & Jamaica)
my confidence
my insecurities
my resilience
my mistakes
my ability to learn from mistakes
my possibilities
my Lord, through whom all things are possible.

© 2007 Patricia B.
I think on a day like today, it's good to reflect on all the blessings you've been given, and everyday is a good day to give thanks and praise.

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Naturally Sophia said...

I was just surfing and came across your blog. I like it...it is inspirational to know you are in puresuit of your writing career. Congrats, Peace, & Blessings.