Thursday, September 6, 2007


I'm being pulled in a particular direction that I welcome, but I dread.
All these signs have appeared, and they tell me
that a commotion is near.
And since I like to face facts and take on my fears
I know that I'll have no choice but to
Roll with the punches
Persist through the strife
Subsist with the pressure
And grow, despite the struggle.

© 2007 Patricia B.

Ugh. I'm in my fourth and final year of law school (four because I've attended part time - law school is usually three years) and I was just sitting here thinking about what that means: the bar exam is near!!!! Thoughts about that madness are what inspired the above poem. I had to let out the anxiety that just swept through me thinking about the bane of my Summer 2008. I can't wait until the last week of next July! (The bar exam is usually given during the 3rd week of July.)

My pain inspires so much of my writing.

1 comment:

Traxx said...

one week at a time tricia...

that bar exam will take care itself, no need to skip this whole year and think about it cause trust u'll have enuff time to think about it when u're doing it..

focus on this graduation thing from law school, its' still kind of a big deal....

oh yeah, good poem tho